We approach every wedding with genuine interest and exceptional care,
making our professionals feel like family.


Why Hire A Planner/ Coordinator?

We help with selecting reputable vendors that excel in their craft and find you the best deals and resources using our memberships and network connections. We locate venues that fit your budget and style. We can do the negotiating for you and schedule your vendor meetings while asking the important questions to ensure all tasks are checked. We review contracts and create timelines and can help construct a budget. We can help with design and bring theme and style together through industry experience. We have monthly checklists to help you stay on task and relieve stress. We advise and provide etiquette for all stationary and coordinate the rehearsal. We create the itinerary and personalized itineraries with reminders and serve as your referee, budget advisor, advocate, etiquette expert, personal shopper, detail manager and event organizer. We supervise and coordinate all the details of your “special day” so that you can actually enjoy the day.


Whether you are looking for full-service planning/design or month-of coordination…we can create a custom proposal that fits your needs.  We work with you to create an unforgettable event and make your vision a reality.  Our ultimate goal is to partner with you to ensure each vision comes to life and we strive to exceed every expectation.  From weddings to corporate and social events, let us create the best experience for both you and your guests!


My journey as an artist and designer began early as a child and it eventually led me to earn my Master’s Degree from the School of Visual Art in NYC and become a certified Wedding Planner and Designer by The Bridal Society.

As the curator of an event, it is important to remember that an event is an experience. It’s a vision coming to life and each event is unique. Your event should be an extension of you and a reflection of your distinctive details and personality. It is my passion to help create these aw-inspiring, special moments. Planning and designing an event is truly an art where every detail matters. I am committed to providing an unparalleled experience and would be honored to work with you to create an event experience that is truly unforgettable.



Crafted Charm will create a detailed timeline, contact the vendors for formal introductions, check timelines, confirm day of contact information and review copies of all contracts to clarify all contractual obligations of all vendors.  Our base package price starts at $1200.


You shouldn’t have to coordinate your own wedding. We’re here to keep your timeline on schedule, gather your wedding itinerary, and confirm all the details, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  This one is for the couples who enjoy planning their own wedding, but need a logistics guru to make it happen while you’re getting ready with your besties and taking your photos. Our Month of Wedding Planning Package is geared toward couples who have the fundamentals of wedding planning and vendor booking in hand, but are looking for professional assistance toward the end of the planning when tying together the remaining details and guiding the wedding weekend. The month-of option provides clients with well-constructed time lines, diagrams, vendor communication and seamless event execution.  This option aids in rehearsal and etiquette and allows the clients to have more input from a professional coordinator to help lessen the amount of planning pitfalls such as seating arrangements, signage, event flow, realistic timing for vendors, atmosphere and more.


Our Full Planning Wedding Package is geared toward the couples who may have very little time to focus on planning an entire wedding, or perhaps find themselves overwhelmed with all the details, etiquette and moving pieces involved in a wedding. In this case, Crafted Charm will handle the particulars from the moment we have our initial consultation until the moments that follow after you say “I do.” We work with the venues and vendors to help produce your dream wedding, so that you can have more of a relaxing experience as we build to create those unforgettable moments! This package is for you if you need our unlimited support every step of the way, from your decor to your dream team. We’re here to finesse all those little details because life just got a lot busier. Let us be by your side through every step.


Bridal Society Certified