Fun Facts

What’s my favorite thing about being a wedding planner?

My name is Kristen and I am the owner of Crafted Charm.  Hands down, my favorite aspect of being a wedding planner is being a witness to the love.  Not just the love between the couple, but the wedding party, the family, the guests.  Love is hope, love is security, love is a universal language that transpires the biggest emotion within ourselves.  A couple’s big day is a tribute to companionship and commitment, but the love you see…it’s always amazing, always humbling.  The tears in the bride’s father’s eyes as he sees his baby girl in her gown, the Maid of Honor that stumbles during her toast, trying to hold back the tears of true joy as she shares her love for the couple and her own love story for her best friend, the Groom that tells me he is the luckiest man alive because he found the love of his life…Each time I am reminded of the love that exists in the world and this gives me hope…hope for the future…hope for my children…it’s beautiful.

What was one of my favorite weddings?

As a wedding planner for so many years, I have witnessed countless beautiful moments.  This is the most difficult question because each wedding and each couple are so unique and they bring different elements and experiences with them that we share in our wedding planning and wedding design journey together.  One of the weddings that pops into mind is a wedding from last season.  It was a beautiful wedding to say the least, but that’s also probably the least memorable component because it was all about the intentional moments.  I always tell my couple the importance of creating intentional, unique moments, so that they walk away from their wedding day with moments they can remember and cherish.  Otherwise, it can easily turn into a whirlwind that is over in a blink of an eye.  The bride and groom were high school sweethearts and their courtship was not always easy through college and the years after college, but they were committed.  The love and understanding they had for one another was remarkable and they had the mindset and maturity to nurture each other and their relationship, as well as the understanding that they are not only committing to each other now, but the future versions of themselves as they grow as individuals in their relationship.  I’ll never forget the father/ daughter dance that included practiced, choreographed moves, skits, props…the works.  The way the bridesmaids reacted to their bride when they saw her in her wedding dress and the years of anticipation on their faces, was enough to make me break down.  When the Father of the Bride raised a glass in my honor, just to thank me for all I had done and for taking the time to understand my couple and their “why,” these are moments I will never forget and always vow never to take for granted.

How did I become a wedding planner?

As the owner and lead planner at Crafted Charm, I honestly never imagined myself in the wedding industry.  I wasn’t a young girl planning and dreaming of her big day.  I dreamed of being a teacher and working with adolescents, so that I could make a difference in the lives of youths.  I taught art and design for 10 years and during that time, I had many teachers asking for my assistance with creating decor for their weddings and this eventually turned into referrals and requests for planning and design.  I was astonished that I could actually get paid for helping people on their wedding day. What began as a few creative favors, turned into a growing business and after so many years of this being more of a hobby, I decided to make this my full time career and started my own company, Crafted Charm, and this is our seventh season being a full-time company.  When getting married and planning my own wedding, I struggled to find a caring and thoughtful planner that took the time to truly understand me.  It was a struggle to find a planner that was also experienced with design and could understand my vision.  It was this experience that defined the mission and values for my company.  Now I have been in this industry over a decade and I’m still loving it!