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Who We are

My name is Kristen Zywicki and I am the owner of Crafted Charm.  I am a certified wedding planner, certified designer, and have an MAT in art and design from The School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I am also a craftsman and artist.


Personalization: At Crafted Charm, we believe in getting to KNOW you and start conversations, then we begin in-depth planning and design so we know YOUR desires and goals first. Only when we know you, can we then design your wedding planning journey and dream vendor team, so that you have a seamless, stress-free, and light-hearted day that is within your budget.

Commitment: A memorable wedding doesn’t happen overnight. From the decorations to the entertainment and photographer, there are so many details to plan to make your day look and feel the way you dreamed it always would. That’s why we’re committed to planning, listening and working with you, because your wedding should be as unique as you are.

Passion: Love is a language spoken in all cultures, all religions, and throughout all time.  Love kindles our souls with hope and is our hearts true meeting place.  We consider it the highest honor to help craft your vision and tell your love story.


I started this business after my husband and I made our own wedding vows, realizing the importance of one of life’s greatest moments. I wished we had met a planner that truly gave recognition to the worth and splender of love and took the time to actually know and understand our love story.  I searched for a designer that was knowledgable and could create emotion and an experience in the hearts of those most important to us. Each event rental company we contacted did not offer decor set-up services, which left us to manage the decor on our own. That’s when our one-stop shop was created.

I understand that your special day is a tribute to companionship and commitment and that you want to acknowledge its importance by sharing it with those that are closest to you.  

Let Crafted Charm plan your event, design your space, set-up your decor, taking care of all the little details, so that you are able to have a stress-free day, making the memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to working with you!